Using voice creatively is paramount
for brands’ success in the digital sphere.

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Your shop window. Being actively engaged on social media platforms is tantamount to having a physical presence on a high street. Through narrative-based content, informed strategy and community management implemented by skilled social media managers, brands can tap into niche audiences, optimising chances of conversion. 2.5 billion people will use social media in 2018; now is the time for businesses to want their piece of the pie – and it’s never too late to dig in.

Fundamentally social media are platforms that facilitate sharing. However, since theAge of the Influencerthese sites are leveraged for digital networking, advertising, PR, marketing, influencer endorsement and mega business growth. From your local curry-house to Barrack Obama and even Trump – every business, person and political group is getting social. 

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When brands lack online authority and social media presence, they leave consumers questioning their trustworthiness, their strength as a company, their goals, visions and ethos. Being active on social media as a brand is like taking centre stage, grabbing the mic, looking your audience in the eye and saying, I AM HERE!

People want to connect with you, want to be recognised and receive value – in the form of entertainment, pop culture, information and inspiration. There is nothing more off-putting than a customer searching for a brand’s socials and seeing ‘no results found.’ In a highly competitive, over-saturated market, businesses need to bridge the gap between consumer and corporation, turning viewers into fans and fans into customers. We’ll show you how.

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In bullet point form, when your social media strategy is ace:

  • You look good to potential and current consumers
  • You enhance brand voice
  • You build trust
  • You forge relationships
  • You increase conversion rates
  • You increase engagement rates
  • You increase click-through rates
  • You increase brand awanress
  • You increase brand exposure
  • You open your brand up to influencer marketing, revolutionising your reach, engagement, conversion metrics and exposure
  • You grow

With GLOOP, you are never a cog in the machine. We act as an extension of your marketing team, working closely with you to achieve your success. After all, if you succeed, so do we!

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Our Social Management

Demographic + Hashtag Research

We delve deep into online platforms to discover the idiosyncrasies of demographic, enabling relevant, informed content that resonates with the right crowd

Content Marketing + Curation

Predicated on thorough research and shaped by overarching strategy, our social media content is always aligned with brand voice and message

Community Management

We not only make your Instagram look pretty; we increase and maintain engagement through targeted, organic, manual interaction. No automation for us!

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